Thursday, 25 June 2009

dont buy into weight watchers

[this post was written by myself]

as the last 2 post were form a weight watcjers book i feel the need to address I HATE WEIGHT WATCHERS

never have i been to a meeting or anything but i believe its a big heap of rubbish

you disagree?

then tell me why i have 2 aunties and know at least 2 other people who have been going for over 2 years and have lost .... zero pounds ?

im being honest lets talk about one of the people the one im closest to. she hasbeen going for 3 years at first she lost heaps but then piled it all on during christmas ans has since struggled and now yo yos like crazy. i believe this is because they promote their own version of cakes, crisps , sweets etc that are okay to eat this i am very much against

a cake is cake its better to eat that one piece of normal tasty cake rather than eating 2 weight watchers 1s because they are "healthier"

using your points on junk food instead of eating healthy meals, snacking on weight watchers if biscuits instead of fruit its not going to work in the long run

the person im talking about often saves up points then splurges on a meal out at weekends. all that hard work out the window because shes thinks of it as a diet she must adhere to rather than healthy normal living

admitdely i am on the other side of the scale but i dont think of what i do as a diet

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