Thursday, 25 June 2009

just because its fat free doesnt mean you can paint the town!

[an extract from the weight watchers diet myths book]

Fat-free foods are not free foods. When people eat processed low-fat
and fat-free foods in large or unlimited amounts under the misconception
that calories do not matter, they don’t lose weight. In fact, they
gain weight. The United States has experienced a shocking increase in
the amount and severity of obesity over the past thirty years during the
very time that low-fat foods have exploded in the marketplace.
It is easy to completely replace calories from high-fat foods with fatfree,
high-carbohydrate, high-sugar foods with just as many calories.
Many people even eat larger portions of fat-free cookies because they
have no fat.Weight loss occurs only when you eat fewer calories, not
when daily calories stay the same.
Thousands of foods with little to no nutritional or weight-loss value
were developed and sold during the height of the low-fat craze. Food
companies made millions, and shoppers eagerly awaited the next new
product. Many people were disappointed as they ate more of these
specialty foods with an expectation of weight loss only to gain weight.
This is often referred to as “Snackwells Syndrome” after the popular
line of cookies that was marketed as low-fat.

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